Ifttt, Evernote, and creating a wine label Notebook

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Last night, in celebration of actually writing a lot of words in my dissertation, I headed over to our good friends’ wine store for a celebratory wine tasting. In conversation, I had mentioned a bottle of wine Ashleigh and I had consumed that week. And by mentioned, I mean “you know, it was that red one with the neat label with the things on it…you know. That one. ” Admittedly, I am a bit more of a wine drinker then a wine taster, and I have always been terrible at remembering names of beverages I consume, no matter how delicious.

Well, this morning I decided to remedy that problem, through the use of a number of my favorite digital tools. And, since I’m a swell guy, I’ve decided to share them all with you. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. If This Then That Account (Ifttt)
  2. Twitter/Instagram/Flickr account (pick one)
  3. Evernote
  4. A smartphone, camera phone, or camera
  5. bottle of wine
The nice thing is, I’ve done the dirty work for you, the bulk of which lies in the program If This Then That. This program is a phenomenal tool, which basically links together all of your social media tools by automating tasks in the simple phrase “If I do THIS, then make something else do THAT”. So, if I post a Tweet, post it on Facebook, and so on. Fortunately, it is savvy enough to identify pictures and tags in Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr, and links to Evernote, so it is perfect for our little project.
The only thing you need to do, besides opening a If This Then That account, and either a Twitter, Instagram, or Flickr account, is to create an Evernote Notebook entitled “Wines”. Then, choose which of the following ifttt recipes you’d like to use (go ahead and click on them):
So, what happens? Basically, if you take a photo and either upload it to Flickr, post it on Instagram, or send a tweet with the photo in it on Twitter, that photo will end up in Evernote. The title of the Note will be the text of your description (“This was the best Pinot Ever!!”). The best part is the search ability provided by Evernote: this incredible tool can read text that is in pictures. This way you don’t have to tag each entry with the type of wine: if it says Pinot Noir on the label, you can just search “Pinot Noir” to see all the wines you’ve tasted.
“But wait, Terry, I don’t like wine. I’m more of a beer guy.”
You’re welcome:
My only caution with either of these is to make sure you don’t have other ifttt rules set up that will confuse it: for example, I have one that automatically posts a tweet photo to flickr. This would mean that, if I had all of these rules activated, I would get two postings in my Evernote notebook of the same photo. Same goes for publishing to Instagram: you have the option of sharing to Flickr or Twitter, and the tag will activate all these recipes. I plan on just sticking to the Instagram option, but I know that not everyone likes or is able to use that program, so these are other options.
Happy drinking!

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