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I always hate doing this, but I’ve been wanting to change things up on the blog for quite a while. One of the most annoying components of this website has been that  it is not integrated with my professional portfolio at Finally, however, I have found a wordpress theme that allows me to do exactly what I want: have both a portfolio and a blog on the same wordpress installation. So, after a late night, I have combined both the blog and portfolio at

The RSS feed is still the same for those of you who subscribed on Feedburner. In fact, feedburner subscribers won’t even see this message. This is only for those of you who signed up through the regular RSS feed. If you’d like to continue receiving updates from my blog, please subscribe using this feed:

This will ensure that you receive updates from the new blog, which is still called Dirt. All of the old posts on will remain up, meaning that any incoming links to specific posts will still hit this old page. However, any attempts to visit the specific url of will redirect to the new page!

Please, visit the new site and let me know what you think, and thank you so much for reading!

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