I an effort at full disclosure, I am making a feeble attempt at monitizing this blog in a way that I hope is useful for my readers. I only use affiliate links for products that I myself find to be a useful tool during my daily life, when trying to get things done, or doing archaeology. I will never write a blog post with the express purpose of trying to sell products: I will only write posts about products if I think they are relevant to the purpose of this blog. When doing so, those products will redirect towards various sites where I receive a cut of the action, so to speak.

Here are the Company Affiliates I am currently using: This program is probably the biggest. Each time you click a link on my blog that takes you to the Amazon site, I get a very small percentage of any purchases you make in an Amazon Gift Card. Additionally, I have built an online store of books and resources that I have read, use in my research, and recommend to others. Purchases from that store also provide a small percentage.

Flattr: On each of my blog posts, there are a series of buttons that will share the post across different social media sites. The green button is to a service called Flattr. Flattr is a unique service where, if you sign up for it, allows you to allot a certain amount of money to dole out to various bloggers who’s content you appreciate and who you want to support. Each month, your flat donation is spread among the bloggers who you “flattred”.

Hootsuite: This is the social media platform that I use, which costs me $6.99/month. Each person who signs up to use Hootsuite through one of my links provides me with either half or a full month discount off my bill.

Dropbox: Any person who signs up for dropbox via my link will earn me 1 GB of space, and it will also gain the person who clicked an additional 250 MB.

BufferApp: Buffer is an application that schedules and sends out tweets automatically. If you sign up for buffer through one of my links on this site, both of the number of posts in our queue goes up by one.

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About the Author

Terry is an archaeologist who lives in Virginia with his fiancee and is writing his PhD at Michigan State University. In his spare time, he writes for Gradhacker, an Inside Higher Ed Blog, and tweets @brockter. His favorite thing he's ever written is Swimming Buddies and a Pipe Cleaner Necklace.